Creatives Optimization

Grab the User’s Attention & Increase Conversion Rate

Unattractive graphics and poor descriptions can be a major reason behind low installations. Outrank your competitors on the search page by getting noticed by the users. Maximize the conversion rater with attractive visual content. We will create stunning graphics, professional screenshots, app preview video and app icons.

What is Creative Optimization?

To make your app stand out from the rest you need to make it distinct and offer something unique. This uniqueness can capture user attention best when it is visual and prompts them to buy and download your app.

So, creative optimization will help you to connect with your users from both a rational and emotional point of view, explaining what the product can offer them and the kind of feeling the user will experience by using it.

Icon Design​

This is the viewer’s first impression about an app and should convey what its purpose is and whether it can cater to their needs. The icon is the single-most-important visual element that will remain with the user throughout his journey of using the app.

It will be viewable on featured pages, category pages, top charts, top games, editor’s choice, and the “for you” page. Almost 70% of users will decide whether or not to install an app within the first few seconds, making the icon design extremely important.

Screenshot Design​

Screenshots can act as advertising banners engaging the user and pushing him to learn more about an app so that he can download it afterward. When you have screenshots, it indicates that the app is impressive enough and deserves to be looked at.

Optimizing screenshots is internal marketing that impacts both the app’s visibility in the app store and supplements external marketing campaigns. The screenshot should include everything that you would have included on the landing page.

App Preview Design​​

This video allows you to show what is unique and magical about your app in only a few seconds. An app preview will allow interested users to assess the app quickly before they download it.

The app preview is not a promo video; rather it should be device-specific and include device-captured footage. It should capture relevant and interesting data to attract viewers.

Creative Design for Download Campaigns

You can design campaigns for app install volume and value-driven campaigns for optimizing towards the cost for in-app events. To create a Universal App Campaign you must upload creative assets that become “building blocks” which the campaign can use for creating ads.

So, a portrait video, a landscape video, and a landscape image can be the basics of creative design for an app campaign.