User Acquisition

Working with a team of growth experts and removing inconsistent customer acquisition, to form a whole lead generation structure with sophisticated SEO and landing pages to quickly extend your business.

What is User Acquisition?

Considering the competition, we, at AoneApps craft a personalized user acquisition plan for your app.
We understand how to obtain accurate customers in an economic way with the importance of strategies for User Acquisition.

We know the prominence of Combining organic downloads through App Search Optimization and non-organic downloads through various channels like Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Social Media Ads, and other mediums of advertisements.

How Can We Help?​

We know how important it is to combine organic downloads through App Search Optimization and non-organic downloads via channels like websites and payment channels, social ads on Instagram and Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, and other mobile advertising platforms.

ASA Service

ASA (Apple Search Ads) – prime user acquisition channel for iOS apps. Its sponsored ads appear at the top of the search results page for iPhones and iPads.


  • Search Ads Setup
  • Search Ads Management
  • Creative Set

UAC Service

Universal App Campaigns – a paid promotion channel to promote your app to Google systems like Google Search, Google Play, Google Display, and YouTube.


  • Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Assets Management

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Unlock new levels of app growth

Let our ASO team grow conversions & installs and bring your app to the top 5 in organic ranking.



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